Pico projectors and Schematic Maps, the heart of the future?


Lately, MacRumors has found a patent filed by Apple of the most interesting. Introduced in 2009, it shows that Apple is looking at the miniature projectors, so-called "Pico projectors".Why miniatures? Because Apple does not try to account clearly concurencer Epson, Canon and others to the radius of video projectors show, but rather to integrate the projector into mobile devices from Apple . Necessarily the projector is very small.


This news falls hair cell with the recent, but not thrilling, Cupertino rumor that would have acquired the web address:  applepico.com . The  Apple_Picoprojector fact that Apple has purchased this domain name proves nothing, since Apple acquired fifty domain names every year, without using the entire, far from it.

Anyway, this patent describes the system on mobile devices for Apple, but also within a box of laptop brand (again, miniature). But that's not all, MacRumors points out that Apple is working on the  Pico_projector detection of gestures and shapes of users. Another interesting aspect of this patent relates to a feature shared workspace, which allows you to manipulate data between multiple desktops and devices so the content is projected on the wall, all via gestures. Science fiction and holograms have never been so close to us!

So in readers, such projectors embedded on mobile devices to Apple they will seduce you?


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