Ping: another good messenger for iPhone


pingNow on the market App Store so many different messengers , most of them are identical to each other , some directly copied from WhatsApp, some just are not wanted. There is quite a bit of decent applications , which would be different from the clone army , and has a user base is not three people. Released in 2013 in this regard Ping shown promise – we have already written about this messenger. Since Ping has experienced a lot of updates , which makes sense to say.

But first , a few words about the application itself : those who are not familiar with it . This is a classic messenger with all required features like correspondence with one contact , correspondence with a group of persons , the status of messages delivered , lots of emoticons ( here called ” stickers ” – about them , we’ll talk ) , and other attributes that make messenger messenger .

However , Ping and unremarkable. First, you can add friends to Ping ID, ie do not need to tell anyone your phone number . Secondly – and this is interesting – the app is perfect for those who love to write all sorts of liberties , and then forgets to remove correspondence.

Special feature snap-mode automatically deletes the message after five seconds ( can be erased , and himself, not even waiting for the five seconds ) – that is , the caller will have time to read only , and all ; then it is not necessary to be afraid that your thoughtless words will cause shame and blackmail . Accordingly, in the snap-mode is very convenient to send the destination to a different letter , a declaration of love , scabrous conduct correspondence with married women or not reread the morning , clutching his head hangover , your drunken outpouring yesterday .

And even if you are used to communicate in a normal chat , you can always clean history – including on the recipient’s mobile phone , and generally from the server.

And now that this has happened (as you ‘ve probably already seen ) absolutely wonderful service over time . Ping has grown in popularity – now finding your phone this app , people do not astonished eyes : yes , hear . Design has changed in favor of the new iOS 7 – already got a stylish messenger modern minimalist dash. Number of topics grown to six – and it’s not just a different color of the wallpaper , and a really different design: as a graphic point of view, and ideological . Well, the highlight of the program , the second after the snap-mode, the reason for setting Ping – a huge collection of stickers . These are colorful pictures (involving , as a rule, animals) , expressing any situation or emotion. Stickers incredibly much, they are divided into thematic sets , of which only 17 units – that is, you can lead a meaningful conversation about some fat cat pictures . It is worth noting that, unlike its competitors , stickers in Ping designed for a mature audience , not children.

At the same time , Ping app is free. There are no ads, do not require money anywhere else , and that is the collection of stickers and decorations – for just downloaded from the server. Convenient and interesting application that is increasingly gaining popularity – there is a certain sense to look at it more closely.

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