Pixelmator for iPhone now available



It took a while, but it is finally a reality! Pixelmator receives today a new update that brings compatibility with the iPhone. The image editor provides both amateurs and professional quality media for photo editing. Many embedded design tools – a real Photoshop for iPhone/iPad. You are entitled to slaps, quality effects, brushes and many more.


Pixelmator also obtains features to edit a part of the picture without blocking the rest of the image with the effect of “stretch” or working with color saturation, brightness and hue. The functions are so numerous that we can compare it to a real photo editing software for computers.

“Pixelmator exploits the latest technology iOS, and offers quick and powerful tools allowing you to edit and enhance your images, draw and paint, apply impressive effects, or create advanced incredibly simple compositions. “

New features:

  • Pixelmator is now available for iPhone.
  • Metal-powered distortion tools allow you to pinch, dent, swirling warp and distort areas of your images.
  • The Clone tool lets you duplicate areas of your image.
  • The new selection repair feature instantly repairs the selected areas.

Download Pixelmator in the App Store for $4.99

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