Pixelmator Photo has been updated with support for iPadOS 13, a new improved workflow and addition to editing tools.

The Pixelmator Photo version 1.1 simplifies file management. Now you can open and save files directly in the Photos library or import photos directly from a camera or external memory, and apply uniform adjustments to the entire set at once.

The biggest change in this update is aimed directly at photographers who work with batch editing. Batch editing is used to apply the same adjustments to hundreds of photos at once. It’s a time saver and a way to apply adjustments like color filters consistently to all photos in a given shooting session.

Pixelmator Photo also includes learning tools such as ML Enhance or ML Crop, which can be used as part of the batch workflow to apply sensitive presets and save time. Of course, everything can be changed by hand later. Batch workflows can be saved and reused multiple times with future image collections.

The new version also includes a redesigned export panel with options for file format and image size. During the export process, you can change the scale of the output image and immediately see how this will affect the size of the final file.

You can find the latest version of Pixelmator Photo in the App Store for $4.99. Of course, those who had already purchased the app will only have to update it for free.

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