Planetbeing said they have everything needed to jailbreak iOS 7


CydiaPlanetbeing tweeted about the progress of Evad3rs towards developing jailbreak iOS 7. In his microblog Planetbeing wrote that they are working hard to jailbreak and ” have already collected all the parts .”

Recall Evad3rs hacker group was organized by developers MuscleNerd, pod2g, Planetbeing and pimskeks last year. It is this team of programmers implemented jailbreak iOS 6 and released the public version of the exploit Evasi0n, who have downloaded more than 18 million users of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The jailbreak for iOS 7 release still is not known . Apparently, the release will take place no earlier than on the debut of iPad tablet next-generation on iOS 7.1. It is believed that up to this point to release the exploit does not make sense .

In preparing the jailbreak for iOS 7, hackers work and above the main ingredient for the last procedure hacking devices – store unofficial applications Cydia. Developer under the name Cjori ported interface for gadgets running the new OS. Screenshots of Cydia for iOS 7 can be viewed at this link .

We will follow the progress of Evad3rs and announced the release of the jailbreak . Subscribe to our twitter !

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