The jailbreak-Neighborhood got thePwnie award for fulfillment in 2013. David Wong is aware of as Planetbeing, some of the builders at the back of Evasi0n jailbreak software for iPhone 5, iPad mini and different gadgets was once given an honorary prize of  privilege escalation for being ale to create an take advantage of. He was once in a position to avoid the safety that Apple has offered in iOS 6 firmware. Plantbeing is one of the four attackers involved in the development Evasi0n jailbreak tool. Other three hackers are MuscleNerd, pod2g and pimskeks, together they formed Evad3rs team.

Evasi0n, released in early February 2013, was instrumental in popularizing the platform jailbreaking iOS. Six weeks exploit the activity of more than 18 million iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on iOS 6 operating system installed Cydia and were able to take advantage of unofficial apps and tweaks. The number of utility was installed  in just 4 days a from the date of issue amounted to 7,000,000.

According to estimates by hackers, Evasi0n become the most popular means of hacking for iOS-devices in the history of the jailbreak. For comparison, the previous tool to jailbreak JailbreakMe 3, lasted only nine days, got 2 million times.

Evasi0n was the actual exploit for 43 days, he “survived” two updates iOS. In the firmware iOS 6.1.3, released in March, Apple closed the vulnerabilities that hackers use to gain access to the core of the mobile platform. The update has blocked 4 of 6 needed for hacking vulnerabilities.

Owners of devices on iOS 6.1-6.1.2 can still take advantage of Evasi0n, referring to the instructions of the jailbreak for Windows and Mac. After the transition to iOS 6.1.3 to return to the previous firmware to hack the device, no. Tethered jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 version is only available for iPhone 4/3GS and iPod touch 4G. Full list of winners Pwnie Awards 2013 can be seen on the awards website.

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