This is a very well designed with many options and a wide range application, yes, all in English, although this problem is minimized by being able to choose subtitles in different languages. You can also choose the quality of streaming, with great content in HD and lower quality for slower connections. You can find many movies, series and special section for children with cartoons. You can also limit access of smaller activating the parental control features within the application.

Possibility to synchronize subtitles from within the application if you find any mismatch, compatibility with Apple TV and Chromecast, available for iOS and Android, and more than good seamless play whenever you have a good internet connection. In short, a more careful and well designed application that most of those offered the (few) payment service that can be found in our country, not to mention its catalog, simply incomparable. Not to mention how difficult (if not impossible) it is to find films or series issued in original version with English subtitles, something that users increasingly demand more.


PlayBox can be easily installed on your device, we insist that without needing Jailbreak done. Obviously you not going to find in the App Store, but only need to access their official website and click on the appropriate link or you can download Playbox app directly from App Store

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