These with a PlayStation 3  at home know, a new update has just dropped, the 3.60 Firmware.

 A major update to more than one way sign since the arrival of the "cloud" on the Sony Console, of course, but it also puts an end to piracy in the console coming to fill the flaw detected and exploited by  GeoHot. Suffice to say that if you have jailbroken your console, do not take this update lightly. Far from it, even …


Version Spoofer is working for now. This allows PSN access but DOES NOT use the PS3ITA CFW patch. NO new CFW, F@ckPSN or PC needed.. Once the PS3 is spoofed it will stay spoofed until it is uninstalled.

Press CROSS to INSTALL 3.60 Version Spoof (the status will change after 15 – 45 seconds telling you to reboot)

Press CIRCLE to UNINSTALL 3.60 Version Spoof (the status will change after 15 – 45 seconds telling you to reboot)

Here’s how-to do it on KMEAW CFW V3.55:

Step 1: Download the spoofer. 
Step 2: Install the PKG. 
Step 3: Install the spoofer by pressing X it will take 2-3 sec. 
Step 4: Reboot your ps3, And you`re good to go and enjoy PSN!

Available to download from, the new software gives access to PSN etc. without the need to put your jaikbreak in jeopardy.


Above all, we'll still be interested in the new "cloud" embedded in this update because it might interest all those who have subscribed to the PlayStation Plus. For indeed, with firmware 3.60, You'll now be able to store your game saves … online, on one of Sony's servers.This will take advantage of available storage space of 150 MB and 1000 and cram game saves

Of course, the purpose of this feature is not free up space on the hard drive of the PlayStation 3. A backup finally weighs very little. No, in fact, the interest of the thing, c is able to access their backups from any console. Rather convenient for those who want to brag to their friends or who want to safeguard their security.

But this is not the only function provided by the 3.60 update of the PlayStation 3.  It would appear that this patch comes close the vulnerability exploited by GeoHot. This was indeed located in a program and Sony simply decided to no longer use it and add another layer of protection just to be quiet.

Finally, nothing says that hackers will not find another flaw but they will now have to find a plan B to achieve their ends. And when you see the reaction of the firm's feat against GeoHot, we wonder s if they continue to try. After all, become the prey of a horde of lawyers and risking millions of dollars in damages, is an idea that is not very appealing.

Anyway, if some of you have something to add, they are quick to exploit. To be honest to you, hacking the PlayStation 3 does not really part of my field of expertise.


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