Sony has released a video presentation on the official YouTube channel of PlayStation Spain of the new and expected 4.50 firmware for PlayStation 4, an update that will come with many interesting new features, including support for external hard drives and boost mode For PlayStation 4 Pro.

As we progressed this past Monday, the new firmware should arrive in the next few hours; So users who require more storage space for the game installations or the numerous patches or DLCs of the same, will be able to use an external hard disk via USB 3.0 connection. In addition, we can share content with our friends in new ways or customize our menu with own images.


Although one of the most anticipated features is called boost mode, a new tool that will allow better performance in PlayStation 4 Pro of those games that do not enjoy a specific patch, usually achieving greater stability. In addition, PlayStation VR users will receive small or medium screen frame rate improvements and compatibility with stereoscopic 3D movies.

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