PS4 Remote


This October, it will be possible to buy the official universal remote control for PlayStation 4. The device has not yet been announced by Sony, but the USA division of and GameStop have already added to their catalogs.

This universal remote control that will control up to 4 devices will not be made by Sony, although it does have its license. If you longed for a remote control with the official approval of Sony to control the various functions of PlayStation 4 from the couch without using the Dualshock 4 your life will be easier since October. At the end of the month you can go to your store of choice to make with the tool by sighing your leisure hours. The first universal remote control compatible with PlayStation and has been licensed by Sony finally unveiled, but the first surprise is hidden is not Sony itself who makes it.

Your company is responsible Performance Designed Products, who are licensed to Sony for making a controller that can control up to four devices at once. Specifically television decoder, audio receiver and, of course, for the PlayStation 4 will feature the Options button, Sharing, PlayStation 4 and, of course, the lighting, plus controls for playing BluRay movies or multimedia files playable from its new application.

PS4 RemoteAmazon has revealed the existence of control and its retail price, which is $29.99, which is expected to become the same amount of euros when the PDP Universal Media Remote is in our stores. The date listed to hit the shelves is October 31.

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