PlayStation 4 unveiled By Sony In New York

Sony has announced the next generation of gaming consoles – PlayStation 4 – at an event in New York.The new hardware is designed to offer superior graphics and new social features, including the sharing of gameplay footage clip.

PlayStation 4 will be following in the footsteps of success PlayStation 3, which went on sale in 2006 and has sold around 75 million units. The new console will compete with Microsoft’s console that will launch the successor to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U.

Sony also confirmed the broad range of big name software for the machine, including the upcoming Bungie Destiny “shared-world shooter,” which will include exclusive content for the PS4. The title of a previous developer, Halo, helping sales to rival Xbox platform.

The success of the launch of the PlayStation 4 may spur sales of Sony’s new televisions and other consumer electronics, helping to change his fate. Sony posted a loss of  $4.9  in the last financial year, marking the fourth year end in deficit. But the company had forecast a profit of 20 billion yen for the current financial year which ends in March.


Sony stated that the PlayStation four used to be “current on the vacation season 2013” express with a purpose to go on sale as a minimum in some international locations round December. However this doesn’t supply a sign of the associated fee-and exhibit what sort of a technique the console.

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