PS5Sony would like to bring a new game console to market in 2020. Kotaku game site, mentioned ,according to recent rumors, say that the new game console might appear already this year or in 2019. That would be relatively quick: the PlayStation 4 appeared five years ago, seven years after the PlayStation 3 appeared.

Kotaku has spoken to dozens of game developers. Two of them are aware of Sony’s PlayStation plans. They consider a PlayStation 5 unlikely in 2019, let alone the console will appear this year. However, the developers point out that plans can always be changed, for example if a competitor suddenly announces a new game computer.

Yet most developers say that they have not heard anything about a new PlayStation yet. That makes an upcoming appearance even more unlikely. After all, making games takes a lot of time, especially when it is for a brand new game console.

In total Sony has sold more than 76.5 million copies of the PlayStation 4. For comparison: the counter on the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch stands at 36.6 million and 15.3 million units respectively.

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