PlayStation Now gradually becomes a reality. Without a doubt, it is one of the most interesting services that Sony has since it allows in a very simple way and through streaming, enjoy a huge amount of titles created especially for your console, PlayStation. Unfortunately, until now this service was only compatible with Sony hardware, ie, with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and some TVs the company, so it’s really important that we take the news today.

PlayStation Now out of its comfort zone and reaches the Samsung Smart TV, making it unnecessary to have the PlayStation 3 to enjoy the titles. The main idea is to serve the backward compatibility of PlayStation 4 with previous generations, which has been achieved elegantly over the Internet.

As we know, PlayStation Now is based in the cloud, that is, that the power is not on television themselves, but all the “action” takes place in some servers hosted in the Internet, so that a good connection is required to download all the data. Of course, one of the most important requirements easily “compatible” but to enjoy the service is that we must have a DualShock 4 controller.


Obviously, to access the service, you need to pay. Thus, it is possible to rent the game that interests us or opt for a monthly payment of $19.99, which gives us access to over a hundred video games PlayStation 3 that is, it is a kind of flat rate games, as one who chooses to Spotify or Netflix to listen to music or watch series-. As expected, PlayStation Now also allows use of multiplayer as we would do on a PlayStation 3, in addition to getting the coveted achievements for later save them in our account PlayStation and do not fall into oblivion.

What you need to do in order to pair your Samsung smart TV with a DualShock 4 controller:


Sony notes on its website that only some Samsung Smart TV 2015 are the winners in order to install the application that provides access to your cloud service.


Compatible Samsung Smart TVs are as follows:

  • JS9500
  • JS9000
  • JS8500
  • JS850D
  • JU7500
  • JU7100
  • JU6700
  • JU6500
  • JU750D
  • JU710D
  • JU670D
  • JU650D
  • J620D
  • J6300
  • J6200
  • J5500

However, yes it is interesting to see that it is expected that some 2014 models also look like PlayStation Now comes to stay. Unfortunately, this service is only available for now in the United States and Canada.

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