After taking part in the Apple experience in San Francisco, simply ready for the brand new iPad to be released, a revamped Apple TV, updates of various applications and an immediate release of iPhone iOS 5.1 firmware. For the most part, the news of an imminent re
lease of iPhone iOS 5.1 has not aroused much concern, and in many rejoice. 
However, for those of you who rely on the Jailbreak and unlock the device, the release of iPhone iOS 5.1 may not have been good news for some users.

Pod2g just posted on Twitter confirming that he is actively working on finding vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1. But everybody knows that the exploit for devices like iPad2 and iPhone 4S (A5-devices)  can not be jailbroken be overnight.


pod2g is working to to find security holes necessary for the release of iPhone iOS 5.1, Jailbreak untethered.  The timing for the release of the tool may not be too long, even if the work is still a lot to do and there 'is still the confidence to find a hole from which to start unlocking. For now you can unlock all the devices tethered and untethered to the 3GS with old boot, the Dev-Team and iH8sn0w have recently upgraded their tools and you can find on this page. Thanks Nick!


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