Pod2g discovered two new vulnerabilities for iOs pod35.1 Jailbreak


The hacker @ pod2g on Twitter over the weekend announced that two new vulnerabilities that he found in iOS 5.1. One of these provides access to the kernel, while the second is in the root of the iPhoneEspecially the latter seems important: root access, creating a lot of possibilities for a future jailbreak. It's just still not clear whether this jailbreak for iOS 5.1 or 6 from iOS will come.

Pod2g new vulnerabilities will be shared with anyone. 
In this way it prevents Apple discovered a solution to premature ban.

We have yet to see how pod2g will use the two new vulnerabilities. A jailbreak iOS 5.1 was previously an option, but last week asked pod2g wondered whether he should bring it out. He would have been collected because exploits can also save so much faster a jailbreak iOS 6 develop and publish. But this means that users iOS 5.1-longer have to wait a jailbreak: pod2g the exploits used already, it would leak into the Apple iOS 6 gap.


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