Pod2g conserving off his iOS 5.1 jailbreak except iOS 6


Hacker @ pod2g considering his jailbreak for iOS 5.1 not to be released. Instead, he found the exploits that can keep a jailbreak for iOS 6 to develop.The jailbreaker conducted a poll on his blog, asking his readers and followers  if the jailbreak should be hold on.


Pod2g found five different exploits, which make it possible to create a new jailbreak to develop. This he uses the moment to a jailbreak of iOS 5.1 to work, but there are also drawbacks to it: he has the jailbreak once released, then discovered that Apple exploits he has used and can be remedied in iOS 6. Jailbreakers would have to look at entirely new exploits to  jailbreak iOS 6, something that can be done again .

Pod2g readers two choices: he can jailbreak issue as quickly as possible, or he can exploit his secret to a jailbreak for iOS 6 easier. As a third option in the poll has he jokingly "Where's my bottle of beer?" Added.

A final jailbreak iOS 5.1 event will still take some time coming. Previous posts by pod2g pointed out that it is still a month or two can take the work on the jailbreak is ready.


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