Pod2g increasingly confident in iOS 7 jailbreak


ios7-cydiaThis statement was made on twitter one of the members of hacker groups Evad3rs, was issued at the beginning of the year iOS 6 jailreak untethered.

As you know , at the moment hackers are working with iOS 7 GM version, whch was released a few hours after the presentation of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. And hackers surprisingly made ​​progress in preparing the jailbreak . Evad3rs team member @Planetbeing wrote on Wednesday that he was able to execute unsigned code on the secure section userland. Now, he said, the hackers have everything needed to get access to the core of iOS 7.

A public jailbreak is of course the ultimate for any iOS device owner. Thus, ANYONE can download and install the jailbreak tool itself touch on their iPhone, iPad or iPod.

We are currently waiting for Apple to reease on September 1, the final version of iOS 7. By next Wednesday we will know and certainly hear back from Evad3rs team. If you want to be up to date, fan us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for  day-to-day information

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