Pod2g: upcoming jailbreak nonetheless imaginable on iOS 5.1.1


Pod2G has proven that the subsequent jailbreak continues to be that you can think of on an iPad three with iOS 5.1.1. The next jailbreak is expected within weeks and will be suitable for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch, original iPhone, iPad 2, iPad 3.

To perform the jailbreak will be used in a chain of seven different vulnerabilities in IOS, which is still in the latest firmware version available prove to be. 
Strictly speaking, a jailbreak would have been possible on the basis of five vulnerabilities, but two vulnerabilities used for legal reasons, so no offense need be taken on the copyright of Apple. 

 Never before have so many different vulnerabilities need to jailbreak iOS to achieve. The jailbreak will be released as soon as possible, but it will still take several weeks before the trial so far is that there is a graphical jailbreak tool can be released.

It is possible that the next jailbreak only for iOS 5.1.1 will be made available, but until that is confirmed, it is always advisable to continue to use age as a possible firmware version if you want to perform a jailbreak.


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