Niantic stops supporting Apple devices that do not get an update to iOS 11. These include the iPhone 5 from 2012 and the 5c from 2013. From February 28, players can no longer play Pokémon Go on those devices, reports Niantic.

Niantic is implementing changes that can only be made on iOS 11, the developer reports. An update of the game makes Pokémon Go no longer playable on the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini. Apple decided not to upgrade those devices to iOS 11. Niantic has put a list online of unsupported devices.

It is unknown which function iOS 11 requires. This can not be ARKit. Pokémon Go already supports ARKit and the ar functions do not work on the iPhone 5s and 6, which Niantic will continue to support.

Pokémon Go came out in mid-2015. Niantic does not mention how many users use the devices for which the support will expire.

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