Pokémon Go is no longer experiencing it had a year ago, when almost everybody started searching for various characters around the world, but the game continues to have a tremendous success thanks to its 65 million active users a month.

In order to try not to lose other players and to try to acquire new ones at the same time, this update wanted by Niantic will bring many new things. The first concerns cooperative raids: Pokémon Go will allow to join up to 20 players who will collaborate to fight rare bosses. Those bosses will appear randomly in gyms. Once defeated by this boss, players will be able to capture this rare Pokémon and use it in new battles. Through these raids you will also be able to earn new and rare items.


This new feature points to a lot on the social side, since to play together the various coaches will have to be all in the vicinity of that particular gym. Some raids will be activated by developers, but you can also create private battles with your friends.

Niantic will also update the gyms. These places will be more numerous and will offer many more items. You can also fight with Pokémon at the gym by selecting them not by force, but in the order they were assigned to that Gym.

The update will be available in the coming weeks. Pending this update, many gyms will be disabled today.

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