Pokemon GO update solves issues with Google accounts



At the time when we should be publishing only rumors and leaks iPhone 7 has gotten elbowed the ultimate success of Nintendo Pokémon GO. What started as a joke from Google has become reality and the success of the new Pokemon game has made the Japanese company shares go up 25%. Many are being GO Pokémon-related news, but all have not been good with your Gmail account since the game had full access to your information from Google.

As you will have seen, I am speaking in the past. And the first update of Pokémon GO has solved a problem that the developer is responsible for confirming that should never have existed and that it was a serious security breach. Since this update, the v1.0.1, you could say it is already completely safe play Pokémon GO, as long as users beware, not too distracted and have no accident because they were not paying attention to their surroundings.

Thank you for your incredible response and support of Pokémon GO! We are working hard to improve the experience for everyone. This update focuses on making Pokémon GO more stable with the following improvements:

– Trainers do not to have to enter their username and password repeatedly after a force log out
– Added stability to Pokémon Trainer Club account log-in process
– Resolved issues causing crashes
– Fixed Google account scope

If you are from users who are looking forward to play the ultimate success of Nintendo and have not wanted to do the trick we explained last Monday, have to know that this morning has arrived in Germany in what looks like the beginning of the global launch, so the wait could be ending.

Pokémon Go can be downloaded from the App Store for free from here

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