The investigation to make clear the instances of the disappearance of a prototype iPhone four will quickly be capable to make its findings. We remind you that that prototype used to be completed within the arms of Gizmodo. In step with police, various Apple staff had been interviewed, together with Steve Jobs. No small print have thus far been published concerning the content material of those tales.


The prototype, in possession of an employee of the firm for testing purposes, has been lost or stolen in a bar in Redwood City (California) in March. The police had seized a number of objects in the home of Jason Chen, Gizmodo editor in order to try to determine whether violations had been committed in order to get their hands on the prototype.

Macnn reports that a number of Apple employees including the CEO himself – Steve Jobs – have been interviewed by the police about the prototype.

In addition to Gawker  Media’s potential culpability in buying stolen property, there is also the matter of whether Gizmodo, Hogan or both are guilty of violating trade secrets laws. The California Uniform Trade Secrets Act does not allow a journalistic exception to receiving property that contains proprietary trade secrets.

Gawker media, the parent company, was initially served a subpoena at the home of editor Jason Chen, but since then Chen and the company have voluntarily turned over all material relating to the acquisition of the iPhone. The company maintains it did nothing illegal, but its own attorney admits his client used “poor judgement.”



Gizmodo had said none of its employees had broken the law, and attempted to enforce laws protecting journalists. Others, however, stressed the existence of some laws restricting the use that can be made of property lost, so that charges are brought against the blog. [via Macnn]


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