Poorly repaired iPhone 4 causes smoke in Australian aircraft


In Australia overheated iPhone 4 caused a lot of unrest. The iPhone 4 produced smoke and began to glow, while the owner in a plane. Fortunately, the plane had landed at Sydney airport and the crew could take action immediately. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has now conducted research and discovered that there had tampered with the iPhone 4. A poorly executed repair would have caused the overheating.


After technical investigation showed that a small metal screw was not properly replaced. This pushed the screw hole in the battery case, which was short. The repair was not carried out by an authorized party. The ATSB does in the report that there are risks associated and non-authorized parties perform repairs to a device which prevent lithium batteries. Also the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority therefore recommends that devices with battery in the bag must be included and not in suitcases in the hold. It's been a f
ew years ago that there was a veritable epidemic of iPhones that spontaneously became overheated
Since that is only sporadically.


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