PopCap Unpleasant Horse iPhone App Rejected by Apple


As a rule, Apple reject apps as a result of the rule requirement and regularly from non-public, small builders looking promoting, hardly large firm. Apple does no longer hesitate to rejected an app whether it is neccessary like in case of PopCap final week. Popcap is legendary for publishing well-known  video games like Bejeweled, zombie vs vegetation however within the case of its new iphone recreation "Disagreeable Horse" that failed the evaluation.



In a Twitter message PopCap responded: "WTF? Rejected Apple Horse cuz Unpleasant or "mature content?" We thought horses were dying in meat grinders Wholesome family entertainment! "

We know almost nothing about this new game and the trailer posted on YouTube does not reveal much. We know however that this horse was deemed too unpleasant for Apple teams validate the App Store have considered that the age restriction given by the publisher was too low. 

It is unclear what age indication Unpleasant Horse originally was. For children 4 + games is common, while 9 + and 12 + indicate that light cartoon or fantasy violence occurs. Plants vs. Zombies has such an indication of age 9 +. Unpleasant Horse game studio created by 4th & Battery.

The developer  chose the restriction at the time of submission of an application and according to criteria provided by Apple. If the criteria are sometimes explicit (an Internet browser requires the maximum level), they are also partly subjective

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