Popcorn Time received support for Apple TV



Popcorn Time released an update for Mac and Windows. The announcement appeared on the official site. The client is now able to broadcast movies and TV shows to the   Apple TV set-top box.

recall that  in March this year, Popcorn Time developers announced the project shutdown.  However, with the assistance of the community, the  service was safely brought back to life.

Meaning that Popcorn Time gathers the most popular torrent movies into a single directory and allows you to watch them directly from the program without downloading files to your computer. To use the service, you need to install the eponymous client who is both a catalog of pictures and video player. Start watching a movie is no more difficult than to download the program – just select the desired name from the directory and click «Play». The application will begin airing the film. Since then he will be distributed to other users.

Most modern BitTorrent-clients also allow you to start watching a movie while downloading directly, without waiting for the file upload process. However, the developers Popcorn Time went further. They created a common catalog of films, based on a popular BitTorrent-indexing resources. So, get extremely easy to use program with an intuitive interface that allows you to watch the tape, placed in the existing BitTorrent-networks.

As for the latest version of Popcorn Time, now users can broadcast movies on the TV screen via Apple TV. At the moment, claim to support “apple” set-top box only for Windows-based version of the client. In the near future update for compatibility with AirPlay on the Mac. Users of computers Apple, note can broadcast movies on Apple TV, using Torrentv. Popcorn Time can be download on the official website.

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