Popular Gameloft iOS Game MMORPG Title free Until June 2



Gameloft marks the third anniversary of the release in the App Store of the popular multiplayer game ” War of chaos and order .” In honor of this event , developers have prepared a surprise for gamers,  for a week gaming application can be downloaded for free.

Recall the “War of chaos and order ” (Order & Chaos Online) is a full-scale multiplayer online -RPG, available to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. It is a successful example of a network project on the platform iOS. The normal price of MMORPG title for iOS in App Store is $6.99. The user gets access to the application and the opportunity to play for three months.

ios game Order & chaos

Many gamers compared to the “War of chaos and order ” to World of Warcraft. There are arms sales , skills , magic, profession , PvP battle on later levels,  all as adults. Shift into your character , choose a server and forward – towards the adventure!

As already mentioned, in honor of the third anniversary of the project , Gameloft made ​​the game free for a limited time. In the latest update 2.5 in the “War of chaos and order “, a new dungeon , tests , events and festivals, as well as the black market where you can get a rare and unique items were added, a list which is updated daily.

Download “War of chaos and order ” for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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