Closing weeks various rumors, largely in line with the well-known nameless sources about Apple presumably to liberate a more cost effective iPad. Increasingly more "proof" emerges exhibiting that Apple is engaged on a smaller iPad mini to compete with Google's Nexus 7 tablet, and Kindle ‏e 2 from Amazon. However, there is now what appeared to be more interesting in the form of a so-called engineering sample, also known as a design model.


GottabeMobile has some pictures of this design model and one of the most striking evidence that the tablet is equipped with a smaller 19-pin dock connector, proving that the provided sample is of course genuine. In addition, a speaker on both sides of the dock connector inserted, and the model is slightly thinner than the current iPad.


Despite of having only one sample of the picture (above), Gottebemobile has yet tried to figure out the size by counting pixels with an image editing program. At its base, the estimated housing is 8.4 inches high and 5.65 inches wide – the equivalent of 21.3 times 14.3 cm. This would fit well to the alleged plot diagonal of 7.85 inches. The case seems to have an oval docking port.

It is unknown when the iPad Mini will be released on the market but by looking at the latest rumors, the tablet might be unveiled sometime later this year to be purshased between the price range opf $250 – $300. Want to know more about Apple's strategy behind the iPad Mini?


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