Possible iPhone 5 Case Leaked


This might have two iPhones with a cheaper prepaid variant to a new audience to speak less to spend.Last few days there were new rumors, all based on case studies and design thereof.

Today 9to5mac managed to lay hand on a picture of a case that could be made for the new iPhone 5. As shown, it is a thinner iPhone has rounded edges and a flat back. Also find th
e mute button on the other side.  9to5mac got this information from a source that previously was able to correctly report what the iPad 2 it would look like.



At first glance, we could see a larger screen touching each edge with a HOME button (trackpad?) more.Tonight, the paper has turned into reality. 9to5mac was given a copy and shows that the next Apple phone will be thinner.



Obviously, it is impossible to determine what will it take for the (new?) HOME button, as part of the phone. In any case, we see that the headphone, the mute button and the camera did not move. This is not the case of the Volume button. Is the button will be wider to allow multi-function back to the springboard, turn off the iPhone, to increase the sound, move differently? Full of questions that we do not know the answers and hope to have them quickly.

Earlier this week reported MobileFun all that they had obtained the hand at sketching a Chinese producer of cases. These sketches are a number of points corresponds to the picture where 9to5mac’s possession. So here’s the mute button on the other side and it is here for an iPhone with rounded edges. There is clearly a home button to see similar to earlier 
 about a home button with gestures. The larger screen, which previously had been rumors about coming back to this design. On the relationship between the two sources do 9to5mac the following report:

We can not say whether the information used in making this case different from the information of the sketches, but given that producers are willing to spend millions of information about the iPhone in May, we have sufficient reason to to believe that this iPhone case 5 is indicative of the next generation iPhones.

Time will tell if these rumors are true. Apple has released nothing except that in September a major product transition will take place. Seems logical that this is an iPhone, and the search for new staff seems to point to a launch of the iPhone in September. At this time in s with the rumors.

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