As of late, there may be once more footage leaked a part of the brand new iPhone 5 surfaced on the internet. In recent weeks we have a large number of parts passing by, the only one that currently seems to be missing is the display. Earlier we saw the entire body, the smaller dock connector and the battery of the iPhone 5.

In fact on the WeiPhone forums, there are new pictures of what suppose to be the motherboard of the upcoming next-generation iPhone.

The photos are from one of the WeiPhone forum users and that has been published by the French website NowhereElse, which in the past week has a number of times in the news, new components of the upcoming Apple handset.

Looking at the pictures of the m
otherboard with further analysis, unfortunately there is very few information offered about the handset. The motherboard does not have a CPU or chipset attached to it, although there are some interesting details that come out.

There are various experts who think that this motherboard confirmed a number of rumors, as it has smaller SIM slot, a larger battery and would be more antenna connections in available which there could possibly indicate the use of 4G/LTE.

Also the experts report that the digitizer from the screen is changed, an indication that Apple is possibly working on a screen with in-cell technology, this technology is no longer necessary to have a touchscreen layer over the screen, therefore the light output is better and the screen is thinner and more economical.

In the leaked photo above, the casing of the new iPhone is compared to the motherboard that first appeared on the Internet last night. It is expected that the new iPhone will be unveiled on September 12, during this event we will find out whether this is truly the next-generation iPhone 5,
in the meantime stay tuned ..


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