PPSSPP PSP Emulator 1.0 For Android Officially Released


PPSSPP PSP Emulator 1.0 For Android Officially Released

PPSSPP is the only and therefore best PSP emulator for Android devices. Like the portable console from Sony? Well, with this program you can play your games on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Yes, the gaming performance will vary depending on the power of your device. So if you have a low-end mobile, maybe you should limit yourself to the more modest catalog of PSP games.

Examples of compatible game (which speed may vary with the device used) are: Little Big Planet, Persona 2 and 3, Burnout Legends, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Soul Calibur, GTA, Monster Hunter 2 Unite …

The ROMS for games are not included with the program. So you have to find and download them, pass them to PSP / GAME / directory on your SD card (previously converted into ISO or CSO files). Or simply you can play free games, homebrew form available online.

PPSSPP offers the ability to save and load your game at any time, and also a good variety of advanced configuration options for you to tailor the experience to your device.

Download PPSSPP for Android on the Play Store

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