Pre-order iPhone XR With These Smart Tips


The iPhone XR pre-order starts on Friday, October 19th. There is a lot of interest for this new device, that’s why we have put together just about everything you need in order to get the iPhone XR in time.

Since many are expected due to the fact that the iPhone XR has almost the same features as the iPhone XS. With the iPhone XR pre-order, you can ensure that you are among the first to get your device. Furthermore, you get all sorts of pre-order tips, to ensure that you can skip the long wait as much as possible.

To fastest way to order your iPhone XR in the Apple Store, you need to know what you want beforehand. Mark the products you have chosen as a favorite. When the Apple Store opens, all you have to do is throw the favorites in your shopping basket and pay. So you do not waste time with unnecessary browsing or looking for the right product.

Pre-order iPhone XR, case, cables and any other accessories you may need. But that takes time. Be smart and start by reserving an iPhone XR so that you already have a spot in front line.

Find a quiet space to focus on the iPhone XR pre-order. You have to be quick and avoid any distractions.

Set your alarm clock well before 12 pm PT/3 pm ET with Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. The Apple Store often starts a few minutes later, but there are also providers that start the pre-orders a little earlier. It would be a shame if you find out that the pre-orders have been around for a while and that the iPhone XR delivery time has already increased to a few weeks. Another good tip for the Apple Store: use the Apple Store app.

iPhone XR

  • 64GB: $749, £749 or AU$1,229
  • 128GB: $799, £799 or AU$1,299
  • 256GB: $899, £899 or AU$1,479

Check your current contract with your provider in advance to see how long your current contract is still running and whether it is time to renew. Or maybe you want to switch to another provider. In that case, you could view the subscriptions and data bundles, so that you know what your options are.

All major providers are going to include the iPhone XR in their assortment. Often they give little information about stocks, purely because they do not know how many units and how often they get delivered.

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