Predix: assess your current iPhone battery charge in real time



New tweak for jailbroken owners iPod touch, iPhone and iPad allows you to assess the current state of charge of the battery. In particular, the development called Predix determines how long the device will be able to work independently with the current battery level, and calculates the time required for a full charge.

After installing the tweak Predix in the iOS appears appropriate menu with parameters. Switch Enabled – enable / disable the tweak, Activation Method allows you to choose the method run (make gestures and actions Activator), with the switch turned on Show battery percentage display battery percentage. Points Background Color and Laberls Color allows you to select theme info window – only 24 options.
Tweak from Cydia Predix

By activating the application with a special gesture or by a combination of user specified hotkey instantly have access to the counter, count down the remaining time before the batteries are depleted. In addition, while charging the iPhone or iPad tweak Predix displays the number of hours, minutes and seconds to a 100% charge.

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