Pre-orders iPhone 4 are open at the Apple Store!


As we let you know a couple of hours in the past, the Apple on-line retailer was once closed to reorganize the web page to pre-opening orders.&#one hundred sixty;There may be ultimately the&#one hundred sixty;iPhone Addict&#a hundred and sixty;will have the ability to keep watch over their treasured.

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The Apple site offers theiPhone 4 16GB priced at $ 199 and the 32GB at a price of $299. For now only the black iPhone is available for pre-order, the white will come a bit later in the year.

 Apple also offers the iPhone 3G 8GB version. Unlike the iPhone 4, this version will be delivered before June 24

The iPhone bought from the Apple Store online no card MicroSim. You can subscribe to the carrier of your choice and change at any time



Here are some questions to answer about this new device:

  • My iPhone works there with any SIM card or any operator in the world?

    The iPhone 3G uses SIM cards and 4 of the iPhone SIM cards provided by micro-operators compatible (prepaid cards included). The iPhone is not supported by the network not GSM. The 3G data are available only if your provider supports the radio frequencies used by the iPhone.

  • Where can I buy a SIM card or micro-SIM?

    You can get a SIM card or micro-SIM from any operator offering packages iPhone.


  • How do I configure my iPhone for making and receiving calls?

    First insert a SIM card or micro-enabled SIM obtained from an operator compatible. Then connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes to perform the configuration.

  • Do I need a special package for iPhone?

    The iPhone may require processing large amounts of data. Check with your carrier that your package is appropriate.

  • Should I buy a long-term plan for my iPhone?

    Buying a phone without a SIM card from the Apple Store online you can choose your own provider and to change at any time. You can also buy an iPhone at a discount by signing a direct contract with your mobile operator.

  • The iPhone does he support the connection sharing?

    Yes. You can share high-speed 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac or PC and connect to the Internet wherever you are – no Wi-Fi required. Please contact your operator for more information.

  • The micro-SIM card for iPhone and iPad 4 are they interchangeable?

    No. Your SIM card micro iPad is not compatible with your iPhone.

  • The iPhone features will they all supported by my operator?

    Visual Voicemail should be supported by your operator and network.  Contact your operator for more information.

  • Why the price of the iPhone available on the Apple Store online is different from that proposed by my carrier?

    The operators usually sell the iPhone with a contract in which the initial price of the phone is in part supported. By buying your iPhone without a contract, you can use any SIM card or micro-SIM of an operator compatible, including your current provider.

  • Can I use my iPhone overseas?

    Yes. The iPhone is compatible with all GSM operators worldwide. The iPhone sold at the Apple Store online with no SIM card, you can buy a SIM card or SIM micro-and purchase a package from a local operator. Or visit the operator to know your country roaming internationally.

  • If I buy an iPhone on the Apple Store online, can I take delivery in another country?

    No. Orders placed on the Apple Online Store can only be delivered in the country where the purchases were made. You can also buy an iPhone for people living in a country where the iPhone is available. Simply go to the Apple Store online country in which you want to deliver your products. Or, to quickly order and receive
    advice from an expert, contact a Specialist Apple Store online  

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