Although rumors suggest that macOS Sierra could reach the end of September, we want your Mac ready for the arrival of macOS Sierra with these simple steps.

macOS Sierra is the next operating system of the company, and we talked a lot about this new version of the operating system, but before installing, we recommend you follow this guide with some recommendations for your Mac.

Check that your Mac is supported

Although it may seem obvious, many times we do not realize that not all Mac can upgrade their operating system, which is why we recommend you check if your Mac is among those chosen from the list that you put below.

  • MacBook: from 2009 and later
  • MacBook Air: from 2010  and later
  • MacBook Pro: from 2010  and later
  • iMac: from 2009  and later
  • Mac mini: from 2010  and later
  • Mac Pro: from 2010  and later

If you do not know where to find the version of your Mac, just go to the menu bar, select the apple logo and click on “About this Mac”, where the model of Mac which are using us appear.

Check the available storage on the Mac

If we are already in the window “About this Mac”, we can use to check the available storage on our Mac. It is expected that the final version of macOS Sierra can occupy more than 5 GB, but Apple recommends that you have at least 8 GB available. If you do not meet these requirements, it is important the next step.

Check applications, files and delete what you do not use

If we do not have the above-mentioned space, it is time to clean your Mac. Remove applications that do not use or install at the time but no longer use saves us space, some applications like AppCleaner help us in this section, in my case is the My application, as it not only removes the application we also files that accompany these applications.

Sierra macOS applications

Update all applications through the Mac App Store it is convenient before upgrading the software of our device, as may be the case that many applications do not have support for Sierra macOS until they are updated.

Check the folder “Downloads” and clean it every so often can help with storing our Mac.

Check and Apple ID passwords

In my case (and many people), I have implemented the Apple ID when I turn on my Mac, so it may be a good time to review the passwords because when we go to install macOS Sierra, the system will prompt us to enter our credentials, the when upgrading the operating system to update applications.

Backup your Mac

Time Machine for Mac OS Sierra

We are facing the most important point in each update, make a backup. To make the backup, we must use Time Machine, through this tool on the Mac and an external drive we will be able to do a scraping of all information in such a simple way, as can be to follow the steps in this tool.

Just draw key two points, the external disk you are going to do the backup has to have an equal or greater to the disk of the Mac ability (or at least ensure that the disc has a size equal to or greater than copy).

Another point to consider is the time, if you do a backup first in an album is possible that the time to make the first backup is high, then we will not have that problem but initially yes.

Install macOS Sierra

When Apple decides to launch macOS Sierra officially, we only go to the Mac App Store and download macOS Sierra. Note that the download speed depends on your internet speed and saturation in Apple’s servers.

When you have already downloaded macOS Sierra setup where we can go step by step, and we can use our backup Time Machine if necessary will open.

Remember to have our Mac connected to the current while the whole process and patience is done, the installation will take several minutes or even hours. If you have any questions do not forget to leave us in the comment box your questions and remember that we are still here helping


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