A Romanian website Mobilissimo published press photos of the new Apple smartphone on Thursday. Argues that it is an official picture of the iPhone 5C, which will be launched on September 20.

For information about future updates to Apple themed Web sites collect literally “the whole world”.  CNet with reference to the publication in the Japanese media reported that iPhone 5C along with iPhone 5S will be available through local mobile carriers already on September 20 of this year. This is consistent with information indicating the possibility of the announcement of new products on September 10. The difference between the announcement and the start of sales of “Apple” products usually those same 10 days.

Sources are not so wordy about the characteristics of the iPhone 5C: he attributed the plastic housing of different colors and the filling of the current iPhone 5. Pictured at the press photos polikorbanatnuyu device is dressed in a skin with a speaker and a camera at the top. The display device can see the home screen of the new operating system iOS 7, behind – marking FCC, confirming that Apple has already received approval for the sale of “cost-reduced” version of the iPhone.

Mobilissimo also publishes several pictures layout of the iPhone 5C.  The actual smart phone will take the place of the layout online store almost immediately after the announcement of the device. [via]

iPhone-5C-press-2 iPhone-5C-press-4 iPhone-5C-press-5 iPhone-5C-press-51

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