Costs on the brand new iMacs and Mac Mini will stay the identical



9to5Mac today reports that the prices of the new iMac and Mac Mini will be comparable with the prices of the current models, it is expected that these new models will be introduced next week at the apple iPad Mini event. It seems therefore that the new iMac models will not be equipped with a Retina display.

It will mean that the three Mac Mini models for the same price as current models are available; $599 for the base model, $799 for the faster model and $999 for the Mac Mini server.The prices of the thinner iMac would also be comparable with the iMac’s currently available in Apple. According to the source, it is possible that the top configuratiions in some countries a bit more expensive.

Currently, the price for the 21.5-inch model is between $1199 and $1499 for faster configurations, and the 27-inch model costs $1699 or $1999 for the top model. These rumors about the prices, however, disputed by reports that earlier this month that the iMac shall be costlier, since the casing is made thinner.

Previous lately, the web site stated that Apple’s RAM reminiscence of each the iMac and Mac Mini shall be doubled. This alteration ensures that the Mac Mini for the primary time can also be geared up with a complete of 16GB of RAM. For the iMac, which means that their pc Mac customers can extend to a complete of 32GB of RAM. Then again, this may increasingly handiest be that you can think of when there are 4 reminiscence slots are on hand, given the rumors of a thinner casing, it’s conceivable that Apple chooses to 2 locks to sacrifice.

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