Configuring a router to work with Windows 7 can cause various problems. To solve these problems, see the documentation that came with the router and network configurations available in Control Panel. Make sureWindows 7 and the drivers of hardware working under the latest updates.


Inability to connect to the router


If you can not connect to the router, you may have problems with your network adapter either wired or wireless. Check that the adapter is securely attached and, if a wireless device that the router is broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal in range. Also check the settings of the network connection in Control Panel.

Inability to connect to Internet

If you have a working connection to your router but can not get online, it is possible that the problem lies with the router itself. Check the status of your connection (via Web site of your service provider), check your username and password you entered for your Internet subscription and read your router configurations.

Connection unreliable / intermittent

An unreliable or intermittent connection may be caused by faults in the router or interference from external software with your connection. Check the settings of the software security installed and try to temporarily disable the programs to see if it fixes the problem.


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