Procreate 5

Savage Interactive has released the most important update of its Procreate app, which now comes in version 5. Many improvements, such as the new Valkyrie graphics engine that uses Apple’s Metal architecture to run the app up to 120 frames per second on iPad compatible.

Procreate provides users with hundreds of customized brushes, a suite of advanced artistic tools, a well-structured level system and, now, a new Valkyrie graphics engine. With this app on the iPad, you can create sketches, complex paintings, illustrations, and animations.

Procreate 5 offers hundreds of new features and workflow improvements. Here they are in detail:

Animation assistance

With fundamentals such as onion skin and instant playback, Animation Assistance helps create rich illustrative animations, animated looped GIFs, and reactive animatics.

Brushes Library

The Brushes Library, now renewed and redesigned, gives access to the power of the Procreate brush system. You can customize any brush with over 100 settings, so you have everything under control. For example, you can create a custom brush from scratch thanks to a texture generator with integrated graphic acceleration. Thanks to the power of Valkyrie, you can now also import Adobe Photoshop brushes and paint faster.

Combine brushes

Procreate 5 allows you to take two distinct brushes and combine them to create a new unique brush and style. This feature will appeal to creative artists.

Color dynamics

To transform on the fly shades, saturation, and brightness thanks to the deep integration of the Apple Pencil pressure and inclination technology. You can add a secondary color for deep color control.

Color Mini Panel

The app allows you to speed up the workflow by dragging the Color panel to create a smaller panel that will remain active while you paint. Move the Color Mini Panel so you don’t get in the way or have it handy where you need it.

Color history

With the new Color History in 10 steps, the most recently used colors will always be ready for use.

Color profiles

New ICC CMYK and RGB profiles that can be imported simplify the creation of print-based designs Being able to visualize the work through the perspective of a specific CMYK or RGB profile allows, for example, a simple and fluid transition from pixels to paper.


This is a different cloning tool, in which transferring or painting a part of canvas onto another is only the beginning. With Procreate 5 you can use any brush style to give the cloned area the appearance of that brush or lock the area of ​​the clone in position to paint with a multicolored brush based on your selection.

New Drawing and Artistic brush sets

Over 190 predefined brushes in 18 different styles. These brushes have been custom made to take advantage of the new Procreate 5 brush motor, allowing greater finesse and control during the drawing of strokes and textures.

Interface redefined

The Procreate interface is familiar to those who have been using the app for a long time. But the new interface has been refined and improved with hundreds of extra improvements.

Procreate is available to download on the App Store for $9.99

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