iPhone 5 Production Should Begin in September


Ming-Chi Ku  Apple Insider Concord Securities analysis reported today , which gives some guidance on the production of the iPhone 5. This same man who announced a probable output of 4 White iPhone in late April from the month of January 2011. An iPhone is not out yet but the date seems clearly to be confirmed for this date.


In the past, on the iPad 2, the analyst had also defended the hypothesis of a screen similar to the first iPad, whereas there was much talk of a higher resolution. He also said that the tablet is much finer, RAM doubled and the quality of integrated cameras at the same level as on the iPod Touch. The assertion that all proved correct with the exception of the processor frequency (1.2 GHz announced).

 He said production of the 5th generation iPhone will start massively September 5th, with some early models made ​​in late August. This would allow Apple to produce between 28 and 32 million iPhones 5 before the end of the year and commercialize this new generation at the beginning of 2012.

Still according to him, the iPhone would still be announced at WWDC 2011 to be held initially at least in June (June 6 to 10). On the belly of the beast, Ming announcement, like many others in the industry, a dual-core processor A5, a sensor A / V 8 million pixels, a Qualcomm chip for GSM / CDMA and design pretty close to the iPhone 4. Enough to power a little more room rumorale fever.


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