iphone 6 -Touch-ID

It seems that the fingerprint reader does not change significantly in the iPhone 6. Industry sources told PatentlyApple website, Taiwanese Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is preparing to begin production of the sensors in the second quarter of 2014.

Production of  the iPhone 6 Touch ID will begin in Q2

The company has already participated in the production of iPhone 5s Touch ID , along with other firms. Now, according to sources , the production will be concentrated entirely in TSMC. Centralization of production of all components of this important site in one place should lead to greater efficiency, cheaper cost. Well, we , as always , we hope to increase the reliability and accuracy of the scanner .

Indirectly, this information Refutes about possible retinal scanner. Although, who knows – maybe iPhone 6 is also released in two versions : one is a fingerprint , and the other – the retina. Hard to believe. Retinal scanner we have already included in the list of the most controversial innovations iPhone 6. Way better TSMC how to make Touch ID, and finally start Cpertino apply it to a wider range of tasks.

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