iPhone8-RED-wallpaperThe iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been upgraded to their color through the special edition (RED).

The new coloration (RED) that first comes to an iPhone with a black front instead of a white that we had up to the iPhone 7 makes the devices really beautiful.

It seems that this new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED brings with it some other exclusivity, and is that if you look closely at the promotional material that Apple has released, it seems that this new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED brings with it an exclusive wallpaper, one that seems to fit perfectly with the new, successful, black frame of the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED. Would you like to have on your iPhone the new exclusive wallpapers of the new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED? After the jump we give you two versions of the wallpaper so you can use it on your iPhone X or any of the other Apple devices.

The following wallpaper is the official marketing image that Apple used as a wallpaper in the new iPhone 8 PRODUCT (RED) series.


iPhone8-RED-iPhone-X-teaserDownload: iPhone 8 PRODUCT(RED) wallpaper for iPhone X or all iPhone models

The new wallpapers that seem exclusive of the new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED, but that will undoubtedly be quite good in the rest of Apple devices. A new example of how Apple is giving individual prominence to each of the new devices that it is launching, with the iPhone X we already saw how they launched exclusive wallpapers as well as a new exclusive ring tone of the iPhone X.

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