Give protection to your Flash Information with SWF Protector Encryption


SWF Protector has been unlock through dcomsoft . The principle growth is its distinctive ActionScript  encription for Mac OS X. Typically it makes use of three forms of encryption algorithms to permit the playback of SW information in Flash Participant.


For this purpose: an individual mode of dealing with a particular file and a collective mode that will protect all files of your choice. The procedure is obviously automated and works directly through your compiler Flash!


SWF Protector has a really simple and advanced  user inferface to allow the user to protect selected files on a simple tab, all packages and everything else on the advanced tab.

With SWF Protector You Can encrypt your artwork, no matter if Flash or Flex technology was used. It Protects ActionScript 1 / 2 and ActionScript 3, so none of your files, Either old or new, Will stay unguarded. You Will Be Able to encrypt all ActionScript classes, or select Specific ones with sensitive code

The software is really great to if you want to keep track of your small files and take control of what needs to be protected. It supports windows, Mac and Linux platform.The license cost $39.95 for personal use, $49.95 for business use and $299.95 for company use

 You can download a trial version on the Dcomsoft official site

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