Jailbreak For PS Vita Firmware 3.60 Is Released



The release of PS Vita handheld console, equivalent to a jailbroken iPhone or an Android smartphone rooting of is now a reality. A hacker group called molecule has hacked the PS Vita, allowing access to the file system and all functions blocked by Sony, including installing programs or amateur overclocking the processor.

HENkaku, which is the name of the software, allows you to run homebrew on the PS Vita console, ie programs not authorized by Sony external to the own PlayStastion Store, as a classic version of Doom, or emulators consoles and recreational classic.

It is important to clarify that HENkaku can not run backups of games PS Vita. You can not use pirated games, speaking clearly. HENkaku not disable the protections console or allow decrypting original games. Simply open access to running homebrew, as with the popular iPhone jailbreak or root when applied to an Android phone, as we have said. But it is clear that this opens the door to a possible hacking of the console.

HENkaku is not the first software that does this, because for months there are alternatives such as Rejuvenate, but it is complicated to install and requires an old firmware. HENkaku works with the 3.60 firmware (and only this one) and simply install an app to unlock the PS Vita. Although it must be reinstalled every time you restart the console. Through a software that is installed with the browser of the console, the PlayStation Vita now can run emulators SNES, Game Boy Color, Neo Geo Pocket and even ports made especially for console titles like Doom and Quake.

This is just beginning and although it sounds very promising, is at a very early stage, so some games run without sound or with some graphical errors that could not affect gameplay, but there are going to be.

Surely Sony would shut the doors to this software in future firmware updates PS Vita, as has happened.

The portable PS Vita Sony launched a spectacular and underrated console there been a sales success due to competition from mobile in 2011. But it is a good source of games belonging to minority genres that are distributed through PlayStation Store, and do not reach the living room consoles. This tool is available for the latest system update (3.60), and its creator, HENkaku, said that although the tool can be programmed to run “illegal copies” have become difficult, because they understand the serious problem that means piracy .

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