Sony made available to download the 4.70 firmware update for the PS4. Among the innovations brought by the update are the introduction of refurbished icons for console applications and the improvement of overall system stability.

The update is required. That is, all users of the console, in any model, need to download the file and install to take advantage of all available features. The file is 340 MB. Some of the apps that have won refurbished icons are the entertainment service offered on the console. These include PlayStation Store, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Video. The remaining icons remain exactly the same as the previous update. And the changes are really just design, with no implementations or newness in how they work.

Tournament viewing made easy

One of the new features specific to update 4.70 is the possibility to visualize the performance of the players in the participating tournaments. The following post published via the official PlayStation Twitter reveals a tournament’s turn-key, the player’s performance and the clashes between winners and losers.

More details should be announced shortly on this feature, but it seems that the tool will be available to all in order to better organize competitive matches between friends.

update_ps4What’s next?

Sony has a history of everyday updates throughout the life of its consoles. As with the PS3, the PS4 receives, in most cases, modest updates, in which the news boils down to improving the stability of the system.

By the way of updates, the PS4 system is approaching 5.0 update. And because it’s a whole number, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Sony should be preparing a number of new console deployments.

Any news you’d like to see in this firmware release or some service or feature that’s still lacking in the experience?

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