PS4 Games coming to Mac and PC via official application



If you are the owner of a PS4 and often you fight with the other members of your family to play on the TV while they prefer to watch the news or a movie, Sony is working on an application that would solve these problems.
The president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Toshida recently tweeted that the company is working on an application that will serve to “streaming” PS4 games on computers, both PCs and Macs.

The PS4 already has Remote Play functionality although it is rather limited. Console games already has Remote Play functionality (remote game) factory, but its use is rather limited to date. Remote Play only currently allowed to play in a small portion of Sony terminals. If you have an iMac or large monitor, the new application will allow you to use it to play your favorite titles without relying solely PS4 TV from home.

However, the Japanese multinational has not announced an official release date for the application, but is expected to do so in the coming months. The new application would enable Remote Play function on all types of computers, whether Mac or PC, which to date had not considered Sony and limited to only a few of its smartphones. The launch of the official app comes after a group of anonymous developers announced it would launch a similar app for $10

Yoshida’s announcement comes after it became public the launch of an unofficial app to play on computers PS4 titles by an anonymous group of developers known as the Twisted. In fact, Engadget himself confirmed that the company planned to collect an amount of US $ 10 to people interested in using its application, something that definitely should have pissed people from their lethargy Sony to launch a tool that class.

Lately, the Japanese firm has already confirmed that the new PS4 has already exceeded the figure of 30 million units sold, and plans to increase that number considerably during Christmas this year. Also, the Japanese company recently ensured that it is working to revive an interesting amount of PS2 titles to the new PS4, one more than anticipated by fans of the console that they had to have another unit (PS2) decision to play some of your favorite games of the second generation Sony console.

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