PS4 Update Version 3.50 Brings Remote Play To PC

PS4 Update Version 3.50 Brings Remote Play To PC

At last Sony PS4 update has reached 3.50 ! Bringing a handful of developments in the social aspect (the possibility of streaming games on Dailymotion or create groups of game), but the aspect at first glance is the distance game PC, also known as remote game between PS4 and PC. A few days ago we showed this feature with mobile phones, now we will show you in the next step video how it works.

Among them, the most prominent is the use remote console PC and Mac, allowing us to play our favorite titles through this platform. In order to perform this feature that come with the PS4 update, you need at least Windows 8.1 or OS X 10.10.


To take advantage of the remote play between PS4 and PC need a PC or Mac relatively recent. For the PC, you must have at least Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed. In addition, you need reasonably high speed Internet. Specifically, Sony recommends a rise and fall 12 mbps. Did you keep it? Perfect, then your turn to enter the download page program and install remote play, something that will take a minute. Once thereby running, high dais with your PlayStation Network user, sync computer with PS4 … And voila! You can play comfortably, connecting a DualShock 4 to USB port of your PC.


In addition, we can also connect a Dualshock 4 to your PC via a USB cable and choose between different resolution options (up to 720p) and frame rate (30 or 60 fps) to play. You can adjust the quality of streaming shown in PC, to be low (360p), medium or high (the stop is 720p), so that the experience will fit your bandwidth. Tthis PlayStation 4 update with firmware 3.50, according to advance Sony also will introduce new features such as event scheduling, scheduling items shared with other friends.

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