Purple Flaring On The iPhone 5 Camera Is Normal According To Apple



Besides the problem with the Maps application from Apple iPhone 5 users were also hit by a purple glow when taking pictures. After Apple CEO Tim Cook previously apologized about the maps application offered in iOS 6, the company has now responded to the problem with the camera. The solution, according to Apple’s quite simple: “Keep the camera in a certain position so that the bright light is not shining on the camera.” Photographer Adam Panzica explaination:

As many others have stated, this kind of thing happens very frequently in cameras of all types. I actually remember there being a firmware update to my Canon 7D to address this issues with certain less and lighting combinations. It’s a result of certain light frequencies being reflected/refracted in the lens from the off-angle light source. It might look like lens flare on a larger glass, but on something this thin it’s probably always going to look like a purple haze. You simply cannot beat the laws of physics. High end DSLRs have whole image processors a hell of a lot more advanced than the one in a cellphone dedicated to removing this kind of thing. But it still shows up from time to time, especially with new glass.


In step with Apple, the pink glow now not a major downside, and it occurs with each iPhone 5 so far offered. It’s a peculiar observation from the corporate, because it has been mentioned that this will have to now not occur and that it used to be ordinary that this came about. The response these days used to be given as follows: “Our crew of engineers has given us the next data and we suggest that you just preserve the digital camera able from the brilliant mild when you wish to have to seize. The pink glow you see within the footage is standard for the digital camera of the iPhone 5. “ Just as with the iPhone four antenna downside, blame this time additionally with the consumer. You hang the cellphone to your palms simply incorrect. It sounds as if the lives Steve Jobs at Apple concept additional.

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