Push Doctor Notifications Fix for Hacktivated iPhones


Push Doctor is another program that tries to fix iPhones hacktivados Push notifications, ie, that have not been activated with iTunes and a SIM card of the operator for which they are locked. If in case you have had the outdated Cydia Pushfix or PushFix 2.zero put in, I’ll recommend you to begin from scratch by way of restoring your iPhone to iPhone 3.1.2, or iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware.

Many in the past have failed notifications work in an iPhone hacktivado even using Push fix, one of the most popular programs Cydia for this task. With Push Doctor, many others have now managed to push notifications, finally, they work as intended. Instructions for use and installation, after the jump.

The first thing to do is add the correct repository to Cydia, so you can find Push Doctor:


After you install this new repository URL as hope to cool them and we look for Push Doctor, and install it.

After installing, it should work quite right with notices included.

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