The Dev Staff has simply posted a video displaying the jailbreaking of iPod Contact 4G with the fault Shatter, discovered by using Pod2g. The workforce says it is just a take a look at video and it should nonetheless watch for a instrument quicker. "This isn’t the more or less factor that may be executed in a single day so please be affected person …" says the team on his blog talking about the Chronic Dev-Team.


It seems that the Dev-Team has successfully managed to jailbreak the iPod Touch 4G through Shatter exploit discovered and developed by pod2g

In the video, a feat Shatter was injected into a beta version of the tool PwnageTool which helped install custom firmware on the iPod 4G, and everything works! They indicate that the procedure should be compatible with all other devices.



However, says MuscleNerd like PwnageTool, the Chronic Dev Team is developing a quick and easy tool to use(it likely refers to Greenpois0n)
On the new version of PwnageTool, MuscleNerd tells us that shall be directed to devices 4 iPhone and iPod Touch 4G.
With PwnageTool you can create a custom IPSW that you can then restore the new firmware while retaining the baseband to unlock the iPhone and using ultrasn0w.


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