The discharge of the Apple iPhone 5 is expected in the autumn of 2012, Apple might have  a new iPhone model, together with a new Apple iMac and the MacBook Pro 13.3-inch display retina. In any case, you can create a whole slew of new rumors to the iPhone 5 is finally available on the market.Qualcomm will provide LTE chips Of course, the particular technique is the focus, among other things, to the next iPhone with a LTE chip coming to market that will be supplied by Qualcomm.

The LTE chips from Qualcomm will appear in the 28nm -made process and bring with it the advantage that they allow data and voice transmission in 4G quality over a single chip.Several chip makers are currently preparing for the production of technical components of the next Apple smartphones. Among the potential candidates here, the company Qualcomm, whose high-speed 4G LTE chips to the 28-nan
ometer process and will be made suspects in the iPhone 5

This reported sources of the supply chain of Apple the Taiwanese DigiTimes IT magazine. The LTE chips from the production of Qualcomm, will be responsible in the first place, that the transmission of voice input and data in ultra-fast 4G-quality using a single chip will be realized. This can bring with it the advantage that Apple on a could limit chip, so that more space would be given, for example, the built-in battery.

4 inch display and quad-core CPU?

Apparently, the problems but created out of the world produce, so Qualcomm's LTE chips for Apple's iPhone 5 probably. In addition to the upcoming Apple smartphone probably with a4 inch can come up display, a quad-core CPU and a new design, which the iPhone 5 in general be very high sales figures would generate.

Wi-Fi chip from Broadcomm

The Broadcomm chip manufacturer will provide all likelihood, the Wi-Fi chips for the next iPhone and fall back on just as the 28-nanometer process from TSMC. But Broadcomm is rumored to have a low production capacity and supply other than Apple and the celebrity clients Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Altera. To this extent, it is estimated that it would be very difficult for Broadcomm is the capacity required for the Apple iPhone, available to you.

In March of this year, it was reported that Apple was looking for Komponentenlieferern for the iPhone 5, will provide the LTE speeds. At that time it was expected that Apple has already chosen Qualcomm's MDM9615 LTE chip that supports both voice and data connections for fast high-speed LTE network.

In addition to a quad-core processor and an LTE chip is a high resolution 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 expected.Analysts expect a launch in fall 2012 automatically on the next smartphone from Apple.


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